I usually post out update notifications to registered users whenever this site is updated, but once these are done there is no record of just what I had posted, so I thought an additional page recording the previous ones might be in order, and here it is at long last. I will no doubt be tinkering around with it and fine tuning it in the coming weeks, but at least it's a start.


There were some 'Midweek' services running again on the 19th/20th/21st of February as it was a half-term holiday for many schools. I decided to go along to the ELR on Wednesday 19th, mainly because the forecast was for heavy rain, and of course the midweek Dining Train was running, but unlike in previous years when the Dining coaches were usually added onto the back of the service train and just ran between Bury and Rawtenstall, now it was running in its own path as a separate service. This one was hauled by L&Y 2860, and the main service was hauled by Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871', which again was stranding in for City of Wells.
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Sunday 16th of February saw me over at the ELR yet again, but the forecasts of another weather battering, this time from 'Storm Dennis' didn't fully materialise in this area (sadly the folks further south weren't quite so lucky), and it wasn't a bad day other than for the odd shower or hailstorm. Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871' was again standing in for City of Wells, and as I hadn't had a ride since late November I thought a round trip to Heywood and back behind it might be in order. 2890 was again hauling the Dining Train and Class 45 '45108' was working the diesel diagram. Hopefully next weekend will be a bit more interesting, and with the schools on half-term holiday this week, I might even get out for a few of the midweek services as the Midweek Dining Train and Driver Experience runs should be taking place.
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Sunday 9th of February will be long remembered in many areas though mainly for the wrong reasons, as it was the day that 'Storm Ciara' hit the UK and caused severe flooding in many areas, particularly the areas around the River Calder, and even around some parts of the River Irwell. Things were a bit grim in parts of this area too, though mainly just in some of the lower lying areas, but generally we got away with it, and as an hilly area where it's often wet and windy pretty much anything that can blow away already did that in previous blasts. Well I wasn't planning on staying at home when there were interesting photos to be taken (someone has to record these things), and I also spent some time at the ELR, though services were disrupted for a while and it did look like they might be cancelled at one time due to some slight flooding of the line down in the Ramsbottom and Bury areas, which caused the 12.35pm train to arrive an hour late and the Dining Train to be turned round at Ramsbottom. Thankfully it did clear up in the afternoon, and as the waters receded, services ran normally again till the end of the day thanks to the hard work of the railway staff, and it wasn't anything like as windy as I'd feared it might be, in fact it felt quite pleasant when the Sun came out. The only casualties I noted that day were a tree near the Duckworth Lane foot crossing and the roof of the Ground Frame Signal Hut at Rawtenstall Station, which was blown off earlier in the day. The forecasts are saying we might have another lively weekend next week, so unless I find anything more interesting to do I'll probably be back out there again. I know, I must be barmy, nothing new there then! :-)
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At last, the first 'proper' event of the year, the ELR's two day Winter Diesel gala, which took place on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of February. I just went along for Day One this time - well I have photographed the home fleet to death in recent years, and it's usually a bit quieter on the Fridays which suits me better now that I'm retired. A great selection of heavy metal on display though and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it was a bit too sunny for my taste at times. This collection of images shows the 9 locos that were running in various configurations of single, top and tailed and double-headed that day.
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No events taking place this weekend, so it was just a day over at the ELR again, though a surprise visitor that day was Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871', which wasn't down in the roster, and is usually off hauling railtours somewhere or taking tourists along the West Highland Line these days. Always nice to see it in action, it was once a regular sight at the ELR, but only seems to appear at Steam Galas these days as it's usually in great demand elsewhere. The L&Y 2890 was on the Dining Train again, and Diesel services were hauled by Scotrail 47765.

Next weekend, well Friday and Saturday at any rate, sees the first event of 2020, the 'Winter Diesel Gala', and which features 9 of the home fleet, and yes I will be there for it! :-)
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Well after a fairly miserable 4 weeks battling a virus I picked up on Christmas Eve, I was finally back to full fettle again by Sunday 26th of January, and looking for a good soaking in some proper Windypics weather, and a good walk down the Irwell valley for the first time this year, though an extremely muddy path put an end to the latter idea, and instead I had to stay around the Rawtenstall Station area and get all my photographs from there. At least this week the Sunday Dining Train was back in action again after its post Christmas break, so no empty spare path during the afternoon, and two steam engines out - L&Y 2890 on the steam service, and L&Y 52322 on the Diner. The diesel services were hauled by Class 50 50015 'valiant'.

After a really good deluge up until around 2pm, it then cleared up and we were treated to yet another spectacular sunset by the end of the day's services, though with the days lengthening fast now, I won't get too many more options to catch these with a train parked in the station or arriving and departing. All in all and enjoyable day and nice to be back to full health and back to my usual active self once again.
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I'm still suffering with this damn chest infection that has plagued me since Christmas, but in spite of it turning cold again over the weekend I was determined not to remain stuck indoors, and again dragged myself off over the Pennines to Leeds where another 'farewell' railtour, this time the 'DRS Class 20 Farewell' tour was arriving during the early afternoon. Although I wasn't up to gadding about as much as usual and still felt like crap, I still think that there is no better medicine than being outdoors in the fresh air doing something that you love.
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Sunday saw me up at the ELR again just for a few hours during the afternoon, well the A4 Pacific 'Union of South Africa' was running again, and having missed it once when it was on the Mince Pie Specials, to have missed it twice would have been sacrilege in my book. Things were running a bit late, but in spite of promising myself I wouldn't do, I ended up staying right till the end to get some shots of the Class 45 arriving in the fog bank which had just rolled in and spoiled what looked like another really impressive sunset. I really do never learn and clearly I need to have a refit of my common sense department one of these days I think - it's no wonder I'm not getting any better yet! :-D


This must be my quietest week in a long time, but I did at least manage to get over to the ELR for a few hours, if only to get a bit of fresh air. January is always a bit of a dead month, but hopefully what I have planned for next weekend will be a bit more interesting, that is if Rosso Buses and Northern Rail don't prevent me from getting there that is.


Still not much going on at this time of the year, but at least I managed a very short 'photo walk' on Friday 5th of January, and a few hours at the ELR on Sunday 7th. I have uploaded a few images from both to the various appropriate collections. I haven't made any plans for next weekend as yet, must see if I can find somewhere else to visit in the next few weeks, there doesn't seem to be any bus or rail events before mid-February.
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