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Finally, the first event of the year, a Sulzer Theme Day which took place on Saturday 16th of February, and which featured the following locos: 45108, D1501, D7629, D5054, 47765 and 33109. These appeared in various configurations of Topped and Tailed, double-headed, and even a double-header with tail loco as well as the usual single loco hauled runs. The trains seemed to be well loaded throughout the day, and the weather was unusually Spring like and very warm and pleasant for this time of the year, which is probably not what I was expecting or hoping for. The main star of the show was the newly restored D5054 'Phil Southern' and it was nice to see it back in action again at long last. I visited various locations around the northern end of the line, and had a very enjoyable day. A big thank you to all the drivers and owners, and the folks from the ELR Diesel Group for putting on yet another fine event and for all their hard work. You can always relay on the diesel folks to put on a good event.

As per usual all pictures were taken from 'behind the fence' or on publicly accessible land.


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