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February began pretty much where January left off, but this time with snow and much lower temperatures. Sunday 3rd of February was a bit of a strange day though, as it was very cold in the morning and ideal for a bit of snow photography, but then changed drastically during the afternoon, when a warm front came in from the west and started melting everything. The locos were not as shown on the loco roster either, with Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871' taking over the steam service trains and the GWR 4270 going on the Dining Train. Now that generally wouldn't be a problem, but with one loco facing north and one facing south, this did affect the locations I had chosen to photograph them, but even a tender first Black 5 doesn't look that bad in the snow, so I'm not complaining. The DMU service was run by DMUs 122 and 104 this time.

Back again on Sunday 10th of February, though I very nearly didn't make it as I was starting to come down with a dose of the Man Flu, but I decided that rather than staying at home feeling miserable and sulking, I would be better off out in the fresh air and doing something I enjoy, and anyway, 'Douglas' 2890 was going to be pulling the Dining Train and I wasn't going to miss that. Not wanting to infect anyone I avoided the station this time and went down to the more remote area around Townsend Fold. Other locos out that day were the visiting GWR 4270 and the DMUs 112 and 104.

My final visit of February took place on Sunday 24th in appalling weather conditions - yes it was warm and sunny would you believe! Just what is going on, this should be the peak season for a 'Crap Weather' photographer like me. Last year at this time we had the notorious 'Beast from the East', this year we have sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the high 60s. People were even sitting outside the pub without any coats on drinking, and the River Irwell is so low it looks like a stream, what a weird year we are having. Anyway, locos in service were the usual culprits, GWR 4270 on the service trains and Spamcan 'City of Wells' on the Dining Train. Captain Bill 33109 was handing the diesel services.

Will the crazy weather get back to normal in March, and will we finally have the wet and windy conditions that month is famous for, who knows, I certainly wouldn't put any money on it happening!:-)


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