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You wait ages for a railtour and then two come along at once. Well not quite, but two of them passing through Rochdale Station in the space of a fortnight is fairly unusual. Thankfully I was able to get a few shots of the 'Northern Belle Dining Train' as it came thundering through the station with 11 coaches stuffed full of wealthy diners (you need to be to afford a trip on this luxury service). It was topped and tailed with two plum coloured West Coast Railway Company Class 57 diesels, numbers 57313 and 57314. The tour had started at Skipton before taking a circuitous route to its destination at Manchester Victoria, and was on its return leg heading eats when I saw it passing through the area. Yet again my lack of recent practise at photographing these services nearly caught me out, as I realised it was going pretty fast, and I wasn't really set up properly for the front loco. Thankfully I just about got away with it, but I really do need to spend a few days at York or Crewe as with a 25mph limit on most heritage railways, I'm getting out of the habit of catching ones that are only there for a few seconds. Still, it was nice to see again, it's been a few years since I last photographed a 'Belle'.


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