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It's hard to believe that 5 years have passed since my last visit to the Keighley Bus Museum, so I really must try to make sure that doesn't happen again. This was my first visit there to one of their 'Twilight Running Days' though, and very enjoyable it was too, though my plans were very nearly spoiled yet again by Network Rail choosing that weekend to convert the signalling in the Calder Valley area, and due to the trains not running till later in the day, I was instead forced to make a very long 3 hour journey by service bus, which covered three routes and meant travelling via Rawtenstall and Burnley. Fortunately I was at least able to do half of the return route by rail, though with my trust in the local rail network having been shattered by the numerous cock-ups this year, I decided not to risk staying late for the 'twilight' segment of the event. It was very enjoyable to ride around the Keighley area on some of the classic buses, but boy does that town have some serious traffic issues!:-)

My thanks to the museum staff, and bus owners and drivers for putting on the event, and it was nice to see such a nice selection of buses on display, and also being restored to their original conditions again. It definitely won't be 5 years before my next visit, especially as I now have an alternate route to get there if the crappy privatised railways and shambolic Network Rail are ever up the creek again!;-)


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