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Sunday 21st of October 2018 saw me back down at the Museum of Transport in Manchester for their '1970s Weekend' event. This was a follow up to the previous year's highly enjoyable 1960s event, and it did get me wondering if 2019 would see a '1980s Weekend', if so they could always do a recreation of the 1986 Deregulation fiasco, and have buses racing each other to get to the busy stops, leaving behind passengers at the quieter ones, and fighting over stands at the bus stations - in case you hadn't guessed I wasn't a big fan of deregulation and the chaos that it caused as I remember it only too well! :-)

Events at Boyle Street are always enjoyable, and this was no exception, as well as the regular shuttle services, which this year were also able to call at the Shudehill Bus Station, they also had to usual rides out to Prestwich, and a very enjoyable four bus trip out to Whitefield Metrolink Station and Radcliffe Bus Station. The weather was a bit mixed, with overcast conditions, plus a bit of good old Manchester rain just to keep the Crap Weather Photographers like me happy, and all in all it was a very enjoyable day. I like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers and drivers who made this themed event a memorable one, and I'm already looking forward to the next one.


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