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I always enjoy a visit to the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum in Rochdale, and as their monthly Open Days take place on the same day as the Ellenroad Steam Museum ones, and the museum is located right next to the Metrolink near Rochdale Railway Station, I can easily visit both of them by using the tram system which is handy. Sunday 7th of October was doubly special though, since not only did the Fire Museum have a gathering of vintage Fire vehicles, but Ellenroad also had a Classic Car event taking place, and I was able to attend and enjoy both of them on the same day.

It was great to see a number of emergency vehicles that I hadn't seen before, and also a well equipped preserved Police Range Rover from the folks at 'Police Car UK', an organisation which tries to preserve the police vehicle heritage. All in all a very enjoyable day, and a big thank you to all the organisers and vehicle owners for making it happen. If you haven't yet visited the museum do be sure to add it to your list, it's well worth a visit, especially during the monthly Open Days.


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