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It's always nice to go to a new bus rally, especially one that is in its first year, which was the case with the Great Harwood event held on Sunday 16th of September. Even better was that I was able to get there without having to face the horrors of Northern Fail's crappy rail service, which has caused me to miss many events this year. This new event was put on by the recently formed 'Town & District Transport Trust', which was formed by a group of vehicle owners and enthusiasts in the East Lancashire area. A notice on their website suggests that the event will be held again in 2019, and I really do hope that this does become a regular event on the Rally calendar.

The weather was less than kind, with fairly heavy rain up until around 2pm when the clouds finally cleared and the Sun even made an appearance, though of course that didn't bother me as I like crap weather, and after the horrors of the 'Beast from the East' and the 'Heatwave from Hell' I was very pleased to finally have some real East Lancashire grey, wet and miserable conditions once again. Such weather may be great for odd people like me, but it was a shame for the event in general, as I'm sure it probably put a few casual visitors off. Maybe next year I'll lift the curse, well I have now done it in the rain, so I can maybe tolerate a little sunshine if it helps the event to grow!:-)

There was a static bus display and stalls selling models, books and memorabilia inside their bus shed, which were on two separate sites a few hundred yards apart, and shuttle services were running to Accrington Rail Station, Whalley and Great Harwood throughout the day. Also running was a couple of Mystery Tours on a lovely 1953 Leyland Tiger, and I really enjoyed the ride around the Wilpshire area on this as it's always a treat to ride on such vehicles when the opportunity arises. All in all a very enjoyable day for me, and definitely one of the better ones so far in 2018.

My thanks to all the organisers and staff and bus owners and drivers, your efforts were greatly appreciated and I'm sure the event will get even bigger and better in 2019. If you weren't able to make it this time be sure to try and get there next year, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did.