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Visiting the Trans-Lancs Transport Show, which is organised by the Greater Manchester Transport Society, at Heaton Park in Manchester is now almost something of an annual tradition with me, as it's very rare that I miss one, but which such a large selection of buses and classic vehicles on display, being in a nice location and not being too far away, it's always hard to resist. As is often the case though, when you attend an event every year it can be easy to find that you come home with pretty much all of the same shots that you took the last time, and as I really hate doing this, I always try to find other ways to do it. This year, with the exception of any vehicles that I hadn't seen before, I decided to go for a more 'street photographer' style, so you may find that I've at times concentrated more on some of the people there and on the background, so there are a lot more distant shots showing large numbers of vehicles rather than individual shots in many cases. One thing that hasn't changed though is my now almost obligatory 'panorama' shot from the top of the hill, which always gives a good overall view of the site.

In terms of the weather this year it was something of a mixed blessing, we had none of the non-stop rain of the previous Sunday, but the forecast was for cloudy and overcast, and so it was at the start, which suited me fine, as it's always a pain to shoot the buses with a bright Sun to the rear of them. The BBC weather forecast had said it would be like that all day, but as per usual the useless pillocks got it wrong again, and the Sun did come out after a while and at times it almost felt like we were back in the recent heatwave once again. I'll admit that I prefer 'crap' weather, but as this event is held on grass it is better for the drivers if it's dry, so I can't complain too much! :-)

My thanks as per usual to all the organisers and vehicle owners for putting on this very popular event again, which will be in its 40th year in 2019.


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