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This year the Sci-Fi on the Sidings event was moved to August, no doubt to cash in on the popularity of last year's event, though it did seem a lot quieter to me this time. Apart from the Harry Potter Ford Anglia and a giant stuffed spider at Rawtenstall Station, and the appearance there of the lovely Owls and Birds of Prey of the 'Hyndburn Hooters' (who I must admit I thought might be a different type of birds when I saw the poster), it was pretty much a repeat of last year. I don't want to sound like some sort of pedantic nerd, but isn't Harry Potter 'Fantasy' and not Science Fiction? They are supposed to be entirely different genres according to many of their more obsessive fans - so maybe they should have a separate fantasy event as well next time!:-)

Trains in service were City of Wells and Witherslack Hall on the steam diagram, and Class 14 'Teddy Bear' Ernest on the diesel turn. I didn't stay too long, but took a few photos of the day, which are shown below.


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