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One character who often featured in my photo galleries, especially during visits to the Ellenroad Steam Museum and the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum, was my good friend Clifford, who was always doing something that I couldn't help recording. Usually this involved women, and in spite of being 86 years old, the old rascal just loved them very much, and couldn't resist dashing off to chat to them (even when you were in mid-conversation with him). I don't mean to imply that we was some sort of Gigolo, well in his mind perhaps, but not in reality, he just liked being in the company of, or surrounded by the female gender. I did once ask him about this and he told me it was because he was always mothered and pampered by them when he was a young lad, and he was always looking to recapture that feeling (and if you believe that you'll believe owt!) :-)

Sadly, and much to our great surprise, as in spite of his advanced years, he was always very active and usually off gadding about somewhere, he got ill shortly after our last visit to Ellenroad in February 2018, and passed away in July 2018. We'll certainly miss him, I know I will miss all the fun we had, and my attempts to get photos of him chatting up the ladies, and life will seem a lot quieter in the future. I wanted to find some way to commemorate him, so I thought I'd do it in the only way I know how, in pictures, and this gallery is my memorial to a real 'one-off', who was most definitely a bit of a character. If there is an afterlife I have no doubt that he will have already chatted up their receptionist, and he will be causing mischief up (or down) there. Rest in Peace Cliff, we will miss you, I know that I certainly will.

Clifford Baron 1932 - 2018.

NOTE# - I have photos of Cliff going back years, and as I dig them out I will be scanning them and adding them to this collection.

NOTE#2 - Cliff's last public appearance was on TV when he appeared in Series 4 Episode 7 of the BBC TV documentary series called 'Ambulance', which featured the work of the North West Ambulance Service. The above photos give a far truer photo of what he was really like before this awful illness struck.


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