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One of the highlights of the year at the East Lancashire Railway is always the summer diesel event, and this year was no exception, with 9 locos from the home fleet and 3 visiting locos. These included: Home Fleet - Class 14 D9531 "Ernest", Class 14 D9537, Class 25 D7629, Class 33 33109 "Captain Bill Smith RNR", Class 37 37109, Class 45 45108, Class 47 D1501, Class 50 50015 and Class 47 47765, and the Visitors: 33 103 'Swordfish' Courtesy of Nemesis Rail and Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, Class 25 D5185 - Visiting from the Great Central Railway, and Class 40 40012 "Aureol" - from the Class 40 Preservation Society.

In the old days I used to attend every single day of the event (from start till finish in the case of the 9 day event back in 2008), but I'm not as young as I used to be, so now like to pace myself a bit and just attend Days One and Three instead. Most of the images on day One were taken around the Rawtenstall Station area, but on Day Three I ventured a bit further afield (and it was no fun walking nearly 4 miles in that heat), so most of these were taken at locations between Ewood Bridge and Townsend Fold.

As I've said many times before, no one does diesel events better than the ELR Diesel Group, and this was well up to the usual high standard, so my thanks to all those involved in putting on such a great event.


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