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I'd been wanting to visit the 'Crown Affair' event at the Crown Inn in Bacuo for some years now, but it had always clashed with other events such as the Saltaire Bus Rally, so I'd never quite made it. Thankfully because of the unnatural heatwave that was roasting the area, and my reluctance to travel due to the piss-poor rail service provided by the privatised shambles known as Northern Rail (Northern Fail more like), I was actually able to get there this year, and I'm really glad that I did because it was a top class event, and a very enjoyable afternoon of entertainment. I've seen the Britannia Coconut Dancers perform many times over the years, but this event is unique in that it is hosted by them, and also features a number of other invited Morris and Dancing Groups.

The event took place at the Crown Inn on Greave Road, and was my first visit to this impressive pub, which I have to say boasts what I reckon is the best pub sign I've ever seen - a rusty H.R.Giger style Alien - brilliant or what? :-) Well you'll see it in a number of the photos and see what I mean.

Amongst the groups performing were the Saddleworth Morris Men, Datchet Boarder Morris, Malkin Morris, Rossendale Mummers, Medlock Rapper, Az Kabible, Wakefield Morris, Hebden Hill Millies, Rossendale Cloggers, Flag Crackers and Bradshaw Mummers.

I would just like to say a big thank you to the Britannia Coconutters for organising the event, and all the performers who made the day so enjoyable, and of course to the Crown Inn for hosting it. It's an annual event, so if you get a chance to go over there on the first Sunday in July next year I would strongly recommend it, you'll have a great time I assure you (though I can't guarantee the weather will be like this again, we are in East Lancashire after all!):-)


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