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This particular category started out as a bit of a joke some 10 years ago, when I first noticed that there were always a lot of shopping trolleys floating in the River Irwell, particularly on Sunday mornings. Clearly slinging these things in the River after a Saturday night on the beer seems to be a popular sport in this area. Maybe the council should start a 'World Shopping Trolleys Throwing' contest, as I think they're definitely got a few potential world champions living in these parts! :-)

By far the biggest contributor to this problem seems to be the Tesco Store, but as it closes on January 13th 2019 for conversion to a 'Jack's' cheapo store, it remains to be seen whether they keep the same trolleys or change the system completely. With so many of their staff losing their jobs I guess they weren't exactly highly motivated to go and recover these items from the river.

My next visit was a week later on the 20th of January, and this time there was a record number of 11 trolleys in the section next to the B&M Store, which is pretty ridiculous. About half of these belong to B&M and the rest to the now departed Tesco, but no one seems to be missing them. Next time I'm up that way I'll take a look at where and how B&M store them after they have closed for the day. I did toy with the idea of having a walk up to Mohammed Arkwright's store and buying some washing line and a hook and fishing the whole lot out and dumping them on B&M's doorstep, but I doubt anyone would even notice them, and then the local wallies would just come along and sling them all back in again.

Wonders never cease, on Sunday 3rd of March there wasn't a single trolley in the stretch of river between B&M and the closed Tesco store, and it has been a long time since I could last say that. The fact was all the trolleys as far down as the old Tesco had gone, so someone has at last taken a bit of notice of this problem. If I'd thought that was the end of it though I was wrong, as on a visit over to the nearby Asda store I discovered that there were now 3 Asda trolleys in the 'Limy Water' culvert next to the store and this feeds into the Irwell near to B&M after travelling under the main road, so no doubt if it continues to rain like it did that day they will soon find themselves washed down there. That was the first time I'd seen any outside Adsa though, so obviously the Phantom Trolley Slingers must have been getting withdrawal symptoms due to lack of Tesco and B&M trolleys to sling in the river!

NOTE# - Well at least we now know who was responsible for cleaning all the trolleys and other detritis out of the river, well done to the Civic Pride folks for their efforts: http://www.rossendalenews.org.uk/civic-pride-latest-blog-tackling-river-rubbish/

After over a month without a single trolley in the river following its clean up by those nice Civic Pride folks, today it was back to normal again, with the Phantom Trolley Slinger having chucked another of the B&M trolleys into the section of river known as 'Limy Water', which feeds into the Irwell at that point. Still no trolleys from the new Tesco Jack's cheapo store in there yet, but then again with the lack of visitors using this very poor excuse for a supermarket there probably aren't many people leaving the trolleys down the river end of the car park anyway.

When the new (and not very good) Tesco cheapo store called Jack's opened on the 3rd of April 2019 I speculated as to how long it would be before one of their shiny new trolleys ended up in the river and we now know the answer to that question - 18 days! Since they don't seem to bother locking the gate over the footbridge at nights any more I suspect that the trolley slinging scrotes will be taking shortcuts through there from now on, so we will be seeing a lot more of them in this stretch.


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