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This particular category started out as a bit of a joke some 10 years ago, when I first noticed that there were always a lot of shopping trolleys floating in the River Irwell, particularly on Sunday mornings. Clearly slinging these things in the River after a Saturday night on the beer seems to be a popular sport in this area. Maybe the council should start a 'World Shopping Trolleys Throwing' contest, as I think they're definitely got a few potential world champions living in these parts! :-)

By far the biggest contributor to this problem seems to be the Tesco Store, but as it closes on January 13th 2019 for conversion to a 'Jack's' cheapo store, it remains to be seen whether they keep the same trolleys or change the system completely. With so many of their staff losing their jobs I guess they weren't exactly highly motivated to go and recover these items from the river.


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