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One of the most popular events at the ELR is the annual '1940s Weekend', which always takes place over the final Bank Holiday weekend in May, and as per usual I went along for a few hours on Day Three. This time I headed for Bury first, mainly to have a look at the Spitfire that was outside Bury Transport Museum, and allowing visitors to sit in the cockpit and fire up the engine for a price. Unfortunately it was very bright and sunny again, and in spite of my best efforts I just wasn't able to get a slow enough shutter speed to capture the motion blur of the propellors, so next year I must remember to take a tripod and ND filter along with me. Afterwards it was up to Rawtenstall for the rest of the afternoon, and a few shots of the various locos arriving and departing from there. This collection shows a number of the things that were taking place that day.


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