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If there was one bus event I was really looking forward to attending it was the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust's 8th annual Vintage Running Day at the Lancashire seaside resort of Morecambe. I had wanted to go for the previous 4 years, but a mixture of Network Rail Engineering Works, and health issues had prevented this. I was determined to be there this time, though if I'd realised just what an ordeal I would have getting there thanks to the incompetent Arriva Trains management and their total balls up and chaos caused by their new summer rail timetables, I might have thought twice and postponed my visit for yet another year. In spite of double checking that my trains were running before I set off, the services were mainly all cancelled, and it was nearly 1pm before I finally arrived at the location.

If getting there was bad, then it was nothing to what I would go through on the return trip, and with the prospect of having to wait several hours in the hope that a train might finally turn up, in the end I gave up and caught the bus to Lancaster, where I again faced a very long wait due to cancelled services. If I'd thought that was bad it was nothing to the chaos faced at Preston Station, where I had to change trains again, and after some 4 hours of sheer frustration and stress I finally arrived back at Accrington, where my last bus of the day had already long departed, and then faced a very expensive taxi journey for the rest of the way. Needless to say many of Arriva's bonus grabbing directors would have had their ears on fire that night, and in over 50 years of rail travelling never have I ever seen such unmittigated chaos and sheer incompetence from a rail company. Even at its worst the nationalised and seriously underfunded British Rail was never that bad, and I really feel for all the commuters who have to put up with this nonsense from this bunch of privatised subsidy junkies on a daily basis! Rant over, but I won't be making any more rail journeys till they get this mess sorted out, which sadly will mean missing a few of the events that I had my eye on!:-(

Anyway, incompetent railway operators aside, I had no complaints at all about the RVPT event, which was excellent, and judging by the queues to ride on the buses, very popular with tourists as well as bus enthusiasts. I really enjoyed my rides up to Carnforth and then down to Heysham Village, and had it not been for my late arrival, would have done a lot more riding on some more of those lovely classic buses. Hopefully if the rail mess is sorted out I will be back again next year to ride on them and photograph them in action and on static display around the resort.

My thanks to the volunteers and bus owners at the RVPT for a great event, and for at least helping to take away the pain of the rail travel issues for a few hours. This is one event I would strongly recommend, why not have a few days there next year, and enjoy the bus event and the resort if you get the chance.


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