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Yet again the Ellenroad Steam Museum were very fortunate in picking a great weather day for their annual Classic Car Show, and the bright sunshine and warm temperatures really brought out the crowds and the visiting vehicles, and made this a very well attended and popular event. I decided that as I've photographed it many times before I wouldn't bother to photograph all of the participating vehicles this time, but would concentrate on photographing some of the characters that were there instead. The one thing missing form this event was that Octaganarian womanising legend known as Clifford, who hasn't been well lately, and had a fall the day before, so I spent a good part of my time there explaining his absence to his many lady friends. The poor lad is very worried that if he's away from there for too long, some other aged stag will move onto his patch and steal all his women. Get well soon Cliff, we all miss your gadding about!

yet another enjoyable event from the folk at Ellenroad, and if you haven't been there yet I would definitely recommend a visit.


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