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This was my second visit to the UK Coach Rally at Blackpool, with the first one having been back in 2016, sadly health issues prevented me from attending last year's event. With the train services still very poor following all the electrification work and renovation of the recently reopened Blackpool North Station, it meant a slightly longer journey there, which being a Sunday, left me with a lot less time there than I would have liked. In spite of that there was no shortage of nice things to photograph, and with some really magnificent coaches participating it's little wonder that I took far too many photos of them (yet again). This event has been taking place for many years now, having first started back in 1955, and this was its third time at the Blackpool location. As well as a trade exhibition at the headland behind the Hotel Metropole just north of the North Pier, there were driver tests down on the promenade, and a display of coaches at the headland opposite Blackpool Tower, which is where the prizes were also presented. You can tell from the immaculate condition of all of the participants that this is an event that is taken very seriously, and it was a pleasure to see and photograph many of these lovely vehicles.

The event was again organised by Coach Displays Limited, and is certainly well worth a visit if you ever get the opportunity. I don't know if it will be back at Blackpool again next year, but if it is I'm sure that I will be back again as well, so my thanks to all the organisers and participants.

Sadly I had to leave before the end of the award presentations, but if you would like to see (and hear) just what took place I would strongly recommend a visit to Mollsmyre's video of the event at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-AsN2277h8