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One of the more anticipated ELR events of the year (well by me at any rate), was the '40s@60' event which took place over 3 days from the 13th to the 15th of April 2018. This themed event was to celebrate the 60th birthday of the iconic British Railways Class 40 locomotive, and featured locos from the home fleet plus visitors, and also a Class 50 and a mighty Deltic as well. Locos in service included: 40012 'Aureol', 40013 'Andania', 40106 'Atlantic Conveyor', 40135, 40145, 50015 and D9009/55009. I love the big British made English Electric Diesels (though I may be a bit biased having worked for EE back in the 1970s, though sadly not in the rail division), and it saddens me that a country that could produce such magnificent locos seems to have just given away all that manufacturing ability to other countries thanks to the de-industrialisation and globalisation, which nowadays seems to have turned us into a nation of supermarket shelf fillers and office workers. I'm just glad that a lot of these mighty beasts still survive and run and show people just what sort of things this country used to be capable of making.

My thanks to the event organisers, you can always rely on the ELR Diesel Group to put on a great event, and this was one of the best, I just wish I could have been there on all three days. Thank you also to the Class 40 Preservation Society, the Deltic Preservation Society and the private owners who supplied the traction. Maybe we can have a '40s@61' event next year, I'd certainly come! :-)