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Apart from all things Transport related, Photography and Radio (I'm a long time Radio Ham and Short Wave enthusiast), one of my other long time passions is hiking, especially around all the glorious hills and moorland which we are so blessed with in this area. There can't be many places around here that I haven't walked over many hundreds of times during my lifetime, though an unexpected back injury about 6 years ago, which was caused by a herniated disk, did put something of a crimp in my long distance hikes for quite a long time. Thanks to a very good Pain Specialist, a lot of exercise, and an element of good luck, I am at last almost back to full fitness once more, so I thought it was about time I tried having a good yomp around one of my favourite routes again. The route chosen involved starting at Whitworth Square and then heading to the top of Rushy Hill, before continuing around Healey Stones and Brown House Wham Reservoir, then heading around to the north side of Brown Wardle Hill and the old rifle range, before heading straight to the top of the hill, and then back down to my starting point again, about 7 miles in all.

Usually when I'm out walking I don't tend to take many photographs even though I always have my camera with me, and this is because the constant stops do tend to interfere with your walking rhythm, and of course it slows you down quite a bit. Recently though, it has occurred to me that with things constantly changing, I really should try doing the odd photo documentary of these routes, and my recent back troubles reminded me that I may not always be fit enough to do them in the near future now that I'm getting on a bit, so it would be a very good idea to get this project done now rather than later. I do wish I had done something like this 30 or 40 years ago as the area has now changed so much, and many of the friendly hill farmers have now been replaced by monified city types, who stick big fences around everything and block off public footpaths and ancient rights of way (illegally - remember that pillock Jeremy Clarkson getting in trouble for doing that on his property several years back?), though with the savage cuts I doubt that the council's have the resources to tackle these sacrileges these days.

Also now absent are the once mighty cotton and woollen mills, and before the 1980s the valleys were festooned with tall mill chimneys, which are now sadly a very rare sight in the 21st century. I can recall when I was younger that it was always fascinating to go up on the hills when the valley was filled with mist and the only thing that could be seen was the tops of the chimneys poking above the clouds, I just wish I'd thought to take photographs of such things back then. Anyway, before I start getting too nostalgic, I'll instead just let the images do their own talking and keep the descriptions to a minimum. I will add a few more walks and photo documentaries covering other routes in the area in the coming months, so at least once I get that over and done with I can then get back to my less distracted walks once again and enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet!:-)

NOTE# - I'm fond of 'panorama' shots, and took a couple during this walk, which can be found in the Panorama Gallery HERE:


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