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With the UK's newest steam engine 'Tornado' 60103 visiting the ELR for 5 days over the Easter Period, I thought I'd go along to Rawtenstall Station for an hour or so on Thursday 29th of March, and get a few shots of the loco arriving, and of course the usual 'papparazzi' scrum that takes place when 8 coachloads of passengers suddenly jump off to get a few shots. This is often more entertaining than the loco, and with not one but two celebrity locos, in the shape of Tornado and the Flying Scotsman, both at Bury at the same time, I can't even begin to imagine just how busy it must have been down at that end of the line. The ELR's bean counters must be wetting themselves with delight at the moment!:-)

Will I get down to Bury to see them both there at the same time? Well that depends on the weather, or should that be 'whether' as a lot will depend on whether I'm too busy at events elsewhere, but we shall see. Anyway, nice to see this lovely engine back on ELR metals again, and it's hard to believe that it is almost 8 years since I rode behind it at Barrow Hill, how quickly time passes.


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