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With the weather forecast for snow and freezing cold winds, which the media were dubbing 'The Beast from the East Part II', how could I even think of staying at home in the warmth, what is there not to like about taking photos of steam trains in such conditions (well apart form the risk of frostbite and important bits of your anatomy dropping off)?:-) Yet again my sanity in standing outside for hours in such awful conditions was questioned, or rather I was asked if I'm some sort of masochist to enjoy such things. That did get me checking online to find out exactly what a masochist is, and some of the stuff I read left me with a redder face that than the icy wind did. I can definitely confirm that I am not a masochist, but rather an obsessive who is more than prepared to endure a little discomfort, especially when the chance of a good photograph is at stake. Anyway, I did enjoy my visit and I think the results were worth any discomfort that those cold winds may have caused (which were nothing like as bad as the original 'Beast' during the recent steam gala). If the trains crews and station staff are prepared to put up with a bit of discomfort to bring us these services then the least we can do is make it worth their efforts by attending.


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