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The winter of 2018 will be long remembered for the extremely icy blast in late February and early March that was dubbed by the media as 'The Beast from the East', which was a very appropriate title for it. Bloody cold it was too, but as any photographer will tell you, once you get an idea in your head for a photo you just have to go out and get it, no matter what the weather. In my case it was a daft idea I had that St Bartholomew's Church and the Whitworth Conservation Area would look great in a blizzard, so when we actually had a blizzard I had no choice but to pull on my thermals and get out there and do it. Being a self-styled 'Crap Weather Photographer' I'm often out in conditions that would scare most people with common sense, but even by my standards this was a bit extreme, and that very cold and very strong east wind was cutting right through me at times. The one flaw in my plan was that it's almost impossible to use autofocus in a blizzard, so it's often necessary to switch to manual focus, which is no problem in mild weather, but very painful when your fingers are frozen, and you have to take your gloves off to change your switches and settings. Still, when you are looking at the pictures days later in a nice warm room it does all seem worth it, but maybe next time I get such an idea I'll try and have it on a day when it isn't quite so cold!:-)

I may be biased, but it has to be said that Whitworth has some lovely and photogenic historical places, no matter what the weather is like.


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