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One thing I'd been meaning to do for some time is get to a lot more of the events at the Greater Manchester Transport Museum that aren't bus related, and finally, on Sunday 25th of February, I got my chance. The museum was holding its annual and very popular 'Morris Minor Show', and as well as my needing to see a few buses again (not having been to a bus event since back in October, and having missed their 'Christmas Cracker' event in December thanks to my dodgy back deciding to seize up the day before), coupled with my love of 'Moggies' (I had one for a while in the early 1970s, the good old days when you could travel to Australia or buy a used Post Office Morris Minor van for just £10), gave me the perfect opportunity. Very good it was too, and there were far more than I'd expected, and on top of that the Transport Society had arranged a mystery tour' using a couple of their heritage double-decker buses, so I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there. I didn't even mind that a large part of the route chosen was the same route that I'd travelled in and out on using a service bus, but, hey, I was travelling on a heritage bus, so what was there not to like and enjoy about that! The only downside was all that awful bright sunshine, which is not a welcome sight when there is chrome all over the place :-)

Hopefully I will be back there again next month for their next event which will be their two day 'Spring Spectacular', and of course for their 'Standard Triumph Show' in September. My thanks to all the museum staff and volunteers and the Morris Minor owners for bringing along all their lovely vehicles.


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