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As a big fan of steam and textile museums, I'd been wanting to visit the 'Bancroft Mill Engine' at Barnoldswick for a long time now, but their monthly steamings always seemed to clash with some other event, and I'd never quite managed to get there. Thankfully their final steaming of the year took place on Sunday November 12th 2017, and occurred on a day when there wasn't any competing events taking place, and I decided I would take this opportunity to finally get along there for a badly overdue visit. As a bonus, local folk singers Sid Calderbank and Mark Dowling, plus a number of their friends from 'The Lancashire Society' were also performing there, so that made my visit doubly enjoyable. The staff at the museum seemed very friendly and also very informative, and I learned a lot about weaving on my guided tour of the premises. I can never resist a nice piece of heavy engineering, and seeing what amazing engines this country used to make before those despicable and greedy neo-liberal scumbags gave it all away to countries in the Far East, and turned us into a nation of unskilled shoppers and borrowers. So may great names on those makers plates, showing names of companies that I grew up with, and which were once a familiar sight all over the North of England, and sadly now, if it wasn't for places like the Bancroft and Ellenroad, most of these would have been long forgotten, and those precious skills lost forever.

I'd better get down off my soap box before I burst a blood vessel, but needless to say, I would strongly recommend a visit to the Bancroft Mill Engine if you get the chance, and details of their 2018 steaming days can be found on their website. My thanks to all their staff and volunteers, and to all the singers and folks from the Lancashire Society, for making it a very enjoyable day out, and I look forward to returning again when I get the chance.