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Sunday 5th of November saw me back at the nearby ELR for the annual DMU Weekend, which this year had taken on the slightly poncier named of 'Scenic Railcar Weekend' instead. This event has certainly come on since that first DMU Day back in 2009 (I think that's correct?), and apart from just one year, when I was at an event elsewhere (and last year when the event was cancelled at the last minute), I've been at all of them. I'm not a DMU fanatic or anything like that, though clearly DMUs do have their own following, as they always bring out a lot of enthusiasts, but I do enjoy having something a bit different from the usual steam locos and big Diesels to photograph, and it was also enjoyable travelling around the line on some of the newly restored units, which I have to say are a real credit to the folks that worked on them. The one downside, and the reason why I didn't go on Day One as well, was the weather, which was bright and sunny, which you would think was ideal for these things, but at this time of year when the Sun is quite low for most of the day, something which is great for the landscape photographers, is not quite so helpful for railway photographers, and always means that you have to contend with a lot of very long shadows, which, to put it bluntly, are a real pain in the arse at times! :-)

Well in spite of the weather (I would have preferred a cloudy of wet day), I enjoyed the event very much, and it was great to see some of these units in action for the first time, and also great that it brought a lot of people out as well, and with so few events at this time of year, is a welcome addition to the schedule. The DMUs taking part in this year's event included: 104 (M50455 + M50517), 105 (Sc51485 + E56121), 109 (E50416 + E56171), 110 (E51813 + E59701 + E51842), 122 (W55001), 117 (W51339 + W51382) and also a Class 40 40106, which paired with 110 to simulate a failed unit rescue, and 122 paired with the CCT van on a couple of the shuttle runs. 109 was on loan from the Llangollen Railway (who also have a Scenic Railcar event). The Craven unit 105 was making its debut in passenger service, and 104 and 110 had both undergone extensive renovation, and all were looking very impressive. My thanks to all the staff, drivers, volunteers and owners, and the event organisers, and I hope it will be back again next year, as I'm sure that if it is I will very likely be back for it as well.


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