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With two events taking place in both Keighley and St Helens on the same day, and both about the same distance from here, I was having great difficulty in deciding which one to go to, as I wanted to visit both of them. In the end, and after checking when my last visits to these places were, I discovered that it had been over seven years since I last attended an event at the North West Museum of Road Transport in St Helens, compared with just four years for the KBMT. Far too long for both of them I must admit, but my recent lack of visits there was more the result of health issues, rather than any lack of desire to go there. Anyway, St Helens it was then, and on Sunday 29th of October 2017, off I went to their 30th anniversary event, which was also their Autumn Running Day as well.

I don't usually attend Halloween events as I have little interest in such things, but my trip turned out to be something of a horror show (again), as it seems to be whenever I head west these days, and there were times that morning when I almost wished I'd headed over to the Yorkshire event instead. First off there were no Metrolink Tram Services running through the centre of Manchester that day due to engineering works (something that I didn't even see publicised and only discovered when I got there, and this left me in quite a rush to reach the station in time for my train). I made it with just minutes to spare, only to find that yet again the service had been cancelled (this is becoming a habit with Liverpool bound trains), and that meant I had to wait for over an hour for the next one (which was running late due to the previous train having broken down and blocking the line). This meant that by the time I got to Lea Green Station, where a shuttle bus from the event was picking up passengers, I'd missed the one I should have been on, and was faced with yet another 50 minute wait. Needless to say all these delays seriously reduced the amount of riding time that was available to me after that. Think I'll have to avoid this part of the country until all those damned engineering and electrification works are finished, these have caused me no end of problems this year.

Anyway, once I did finally get there it was great to see lots of impressive looking buses waiting outside the museum, and running a very comprehensive schedule of trips out to various places around the area, and of course the museum itself boasts a very fine collection of vehicles inside the building, and I had a very enjoyable time visiting and photographing many of these. On top of that there were a number of trade stands selling books and all manner of items, and the event seemed to be very well attended, with lots of enthusiasts and families enjoying themselves and riding on the various buses. My late arrival had left me with only four hours to spend there before it was time for me to head back home again, which was a pity. I will try not to leave it quite so long before my next visit, but that will probably not be before the engineering and major rail upgrade works have been completed, as it makes Sunday travelling far too stressful, and it spoils the enjoyment of a good day's bus riding.

My thanks to all the museum staff, volunteers and drivers for putting on the event, and if you have never visited the NWMoRT I would definitely recommend a visit there (just check the engineering works before you go if travelling by train, and assume that there will be cancellations!):-)


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