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Samuel Ledgard, for the benefit of anyone who has never heard the name before, was the man who founded a haulage firm back in 1906 and and later ran very popular bus services until his death in 1952. These services continued until 1967, when they were taken over by Leeds City Transport. Still fondly remembered by the people who used these services, a group called the 'The Samuel Ledgard Society' help to keep the memory alive and ensure that they are never forgotten. It was with that in mind that I travelled across the Pennines again on Saturday 14th of October for Day One of their 50th Commemorative Weekend, which started with a Transport Fair at Pudsey Civic Hall, and which would be followed by a running day at Otley the following day.

I had originally planned to just go on the Saturday and go to the ELR's Autumn Steam Gala on the Sunday, but by late Saturday evening I had pretty much decided that having already photographed the visiting A4 Pacific on the previous day, I would instead go back for the running Day on the Sunday, but sadly the cold that had been festering since I (and probably the rest of the bus) was infected by some anti-social passenger who had coughed non-stop all over everyone for the entire 2 hour bus ride to Skipton the previous weekend, and which had been making me feel a bit colour off all week, finally caught up with me (next time I will open the window and blast the bug*er with cold air!), and in the end I just ended up dragging myself off to the ELR for an hour that I didn't enjoy very much at all on the Sunday afternoon instead.

Not to worry though, I have an iron constitution and I will be back to normal and fit and healthy self again in time for next weekend's '1960s Weekend' event at the Museum of Transport in Greater Manchester. My thanks to all the folks at the Samuel Ledgard Society and the drivers and volunteers for at least making Day One a thoroughly enjoyable event, and I'm sure if they hold any more of them I will definitely be back again in the future.


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