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I had a short visit to the ELR's Autumn Steam Gala on Sunday 15th of October 2017, mainly just to get a shot of the visiting loco 2890, which unfortunately didn't arrive as due to a failure of the Spamcan 'City of Wells' the day before, this had been switched to just running the shuttle service between Bury and Ramsbottom, though this change hadn't been shown on the timetable on the website. With the makings of a dose of Man Flu affecting me, I didn't feel much like travelling down there, and instead just stayed around Rawtenstall for an hour and got a few shots of the Crab and the visiting A4 Union of South Africa, before heading off back home again. I must admit that I wasn't at all enjoying my visit due to the way I was feeling, and it made my decision to call on Friday afternoon to get a few shots of the A4 on Driver Experience duties a very wise one.


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