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Hard to believe it was over 4 years since my last visit to the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston Dock in Lancashire, I used to be such a regular visitor there at one time. Anyway, even though this was their final Gala event of the year I did at least manage to get there for Day 2, and this was made even more enjoyable by having a visiting DRS Class 37 running. The useless gits at the BBC Weather centre had said that it would be raining heavily for most of the day, so I had come equipped for rain, and had expected to be spending much of the day riding, but as it turned out it was bright and sunny until mid-afternoon, and it was shirt-sleeve order at times. The rain (or rather a miserable drizzle) did eventually arrive around 3pm, but by then it was almost time to depart. One of the things I like about the RSR is the fact that you can visit their workshops and it's always nice to see which locos are being worked on, I always did enjoy the site of a nice well used workshop! I also took a few shots in their museum as well, but did regret not taking my large external flash gun with me, as that is just far too big a place to cover with just a small inbuilt one.

I will hopefully be back again next year, at least I certainly won't leave it another four years before going there again, as I really enjoyed this visit and the event, especially the ride behind the Class 37, which are one of my all time favourite locomotive classes.


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