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The Trans-Lancs Transport Show, which is held annually at Heaton Park in Manchester, and which is now in its 38th year, must be one of the biggest events of its kind in the UK, with around 70 buses and coaches in attendance, along with various classic cars, trucks, motorcycles and military and commercial vehicles. Accompanying this are the heritage trams from the Heaton Park Tramway, which run regular services in the park, plus a frequent shuttle service down to the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport at Boyle Street in Manchester. The event is run jointly by the two organisations, and is probably one of the best ones in the country. This is not only my most local event, but one I try to attend every year, and I'm never disappointed by what I see there. Most years the weather is very good, though this can often be a mixed blessing, as the buses are usually parked up with the Sun to the rear of them, and on cloudless days taking photographs can be a bit challenging unless you like sillouette shots that is. That certainly wasn't a problem this year, and for the first time since I think it was 2007, the heavens opened during the afternoon and treated us to some proper 'Manchester' weather, so I was well in my element (or should that be elements), and after weeks of being roasted and sunburned it was nice to finally have the sort of weather that 'Crap Weather Photographers' like myself love. It had been fine but gloomy till around 1pm, but as the afternoon wore it the rains had got heavier, not that it seemed to put many visitors off, after all, this is the sort of weather that folks in the north west take in their stride, and I was quite amused to see people eating ice creams in spite of the wet stuff - typical Lancastrians! :-)

A great big thank you to the organisers, volunteers, bus and vehicle owners and drivers and and everyone else who makes these events possible, they really are first class. I had been fairly restrained with the camera until it startd to rain, then of course I did get a bit carried away, well not surprising considering how little crap weather I've had to work with this year so what did you expect! :-)

NOTE# As per usual I took a few large sized panorama shots of the event, and these can be found in the Panorama Gallery at the following link: Panorama shots of the event: