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I was looking forward to attending this year's Summer Diesel Gala, which is usually a good one, but when I heard that a Class 60 would be attending I was even happier, as these were always one of my favourite BR locos back in the old days when they often ran on the 'merry go round' coal trains. The one that visited belonged to Colas Rail, and made two full trips around the line, with both of them looking like it was standing room only. I'd always hoped to see one at the ELR one day, so at least that's something I can now tick off my bucket list! :-)

With the massive home fleet of diesels that are based at Bury and run by the East Lancashire Railway Diesel Group, you are always sure of plenty of heavy grunt at these events, and as well as the home fleet there was also five visiting locos as well. Since I would have had to be there for the full 3 days to see every single loco, but was also attending an event at the KWVR on Day One, I decided instead to just concentrate on photographing the visitors on Days Two and Three. After all, I have seen and photographed most of the home fleet on a good many occasions already during the past 12 years. Also on site at Rawtenstall during the Saturday were the ELR's legendary Permanent Way Team, who were changing some sleepers just south of the platform, which is why you can see a lot of blokes in hi-viz gear in many of the images. Well this work has to be done sometime, and this gang of volunteers usually only work on Saturdays. Not that I mind them being in my shots, they are an important part of the railway after all. The list of locos taking part during the event was as follows: Visitors - 47192, 47712, D7629, 56006 and 60026. The home fleet consisted of: D9531, D9537, D1501, 31466, D7076, D832, 33109, 45108, 37109, 40135, 50015, 345, 40016 and 73001. Not a bad little line up at all! :-)

As per usual all photos were taken from 'behind the fence', and a big thank you to all the volunteers, crews and organisers from the diesel department for yet another top class event.


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