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After several weeks of heatwave, you could almost guarantee that it would rain on carnival day. As this is East Lancashire and not Rio de Janeiro though no one lets a litle thing like rain spoil the fun. I probably wouldn't have gone if it had still been sunny, but the combination of rain, and the news that the Rosso Bus with the 'Britannia Coconutters' livery on it would be taking part (as were the Coconutters themselves), along with a number of Lancashire Fire Service vehicles, proved to be far too tempting to resist. As per usual the carnival was a good one, and it was nice to see so many groups and youngsters having a great time in spite of the damp conditions. The parade carried on to Stubylee Park where many other events were taking place, but as I had another appointment with a few steam and diesel locos at the nearby ELR, I didn't go there this time. A big thank you to the organisers and participants for giving me something interesting to photograph and for arranging some badly needed crap weather for me! ;-)