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The ELR held a 'Small Engines' event over the weekend of the 3rd & 4th of June 2017, and this featured a number of locos from the home fleet, plus three visitors. The home locos were 32 'Gothenburg' still in its Thomas the tank Engine colours, L & Y 1200 which was posing as '52322', Class 14 Teddy Bears D9531 'Ernest' and D9537, plus shunters D2062, 08164 and 09024. The visitors included GWR 813 from the GWR813 Fund, and D9551 and D2298. Since the latter two were only running between Bury and Ramsbottom this required a trip down there, though with 813 having failed earlier in the day, and services running around 40 minutes late on the Saturday, it was difficult to work out which would be the best place to catch them. I had hoped to catch 813 as it double-headed with 52322 on the 1455 service on the Saturday, but as it didn't appear I had to make a short trip back again on the Sunday morning to catch it double-heading with Gothenburg. In spite of the useless gits at the BBC Weather centre predicting a fine day, it was lashing it down when it arrived, not that I'm complaining as I haven't had too many crap weather days so far this year, and it made a pleasant change. It was worth a soaking just to get a few shots of the GWR 0-6-0 Saddle Tank, as this was one that I'd never seen before, and I do like the GWR locos very much. Had I not been committed to going elsewhere I could have quite happily stayed up at the Rawtenstall end of the line for another few hours.

An enjoyable event, and I just wish I'd been up to a full weekend there, hopefully this will become an annual event and we'll see a few more next year. My thanks to all the volunteers and loco owners for providing the entertainment, and not forgetting the good folks of the ELR's Permanent Way Cake Eating Team, who also entertained the visitors with their sleeper changing exploits on the Saturday afternoon.