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Sunday 4th of October saw me back at the ELR again (well there isn't anywhere else to go at the moment), but at long last, and for the first time since March, I saw a big Diesel loco - yes Class 47 D1501 was hauling the services for a change today! There was steam as well, 2890 was hauling the Dining Train, so a good day all round. We did have a few spits and spots but nothing like the downpours of the previous day, which would have had me over there like a shot had I not been otherwise engaged. Still, if I can't have rain then cloudy will do okay, it at least allows a few shots that wouldn't be possible or so easy if the Sun had been out and blazing away all the time.

Back again on Sunday 11th, but no steam trains on this day unfortunately, as it should have been a steam gala, so no dining trains had been booked for that day, and regular services were being operated by DMUs, or rather 'Scenic Railcars' as we are now supposed to call them. Well I wasn't too unhappy about that as I do like the older DMUs, but with the diner missing it was a very long wait between services. Sadly there are probably insufficient passenger numbers to make a steam service worthwhile on Sundays at present, so maybe I'll have to start making a few Saturday visits as well in the near future.


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