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Exactly 6 months to the day from the last time I saw a railtour pass through the area, I found myself at Rochdale Station hoping to get some shots of the A1 Trust's mighty A1 Pacific 'Tornado' as it passed through the town on its way from Darlington to Liverpool Lime Street hauling the aptly named 'Ticket to Ride' Railtour. The train was about 3 minutes early as it passed by my location, which in this instance was the western end of the station at the Bay Platform 4. This was not the ideal location with the bright Sun to the south, but I didn't have much choice, and thanks to a very stiff east wind my original plan of being at the eastern end of the station with my large 500mm lens had to be shelved, as there was no way I could have held it steady in those conditions. It's somewhat ironic that this gallery is called 'Windypics', when I really hate such windy conditions, rain and snow are not a problem, but wind is a real pain in the Boris! The loco did look impressive as always when it appeared, it was just a pity that there was a service train in the bay, it would have been a better shot without it, but at least it didn't 'bowl' me on its way in this time. At the rear was West Coast Class 47 '47802'.

Very nice to see a few mainline trains once again, I've certainly been starved off such things during the lockdown months, which have caused me to miss a number of other tours which were due to have passed through the area, but were either postponed or cancelled.


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