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Well I like a good walk, and this one certainly fit into that category, and was without doubt the longest walk I'd done since I'd recovered from a nasty back injury that had ended my previous walking hobby some years back. Considering just how bad I was after the injury I was worried that my hiking days were over, yet amazingly I am now fully recovered and almost back to my previous injury fitness levels once again - the 'Lockdown Walks' have certainly done wonders for me that's for sure!

I should explain the strange title of this particular walk, it came about as I had long had a visit to the nearby Crook Hill Wind Farm on my list, but hadn't been able to visit at the time when it was constructed back in 2015, and on previous daily exercise walks I had noticed that one of the turbines was out of action, and there were two mobiles cranes on site next to it. The risk of thunderstorms the previous week had prevented me from checking this out, as there is zero shelter up there and you do not want to be caught out on the open moor and hills during such a storm. Monday 22nd of June 2020 was perfect though, fine, dry and not too warm, ideal walking conditions for such a lengthy trek, especially as I was planning to get there the long way round, taking in parts of the Rossendale Way and a number of the local hills (we have lots of big hills in the South Pennines, an area of natural beauty and ruggedness, and the sooner the plans to make this a National Park come to fruition all the better in my humble opinion!). I decided to take all of my camera gear with me this time, not a good idea as it turned out, as I was unable to use the larger and heaviest lens as it was very breezy up on the hilltops, and lugging a very heavy bag on your back might give a great cardiac workout, but is hard work when you are walking up very steep hills.

One of the mobile cranes had departed, but I got some shots of the other one (very satisfying after not having had any trains or buses to photograph for the past 3 months), and of course being obsessive I naturally had to visit all 11 turbines which spread right over into the People's Republic of West Yorkshire. The 11 hills visited en route consisted of: Hodge Hill, Brown Wardle Hill, Little Middle Hill, Middle Hill, Hades Hill, Rough Hill, Ramsden Hill, Crook Hill, Long Hill, Great Hill and Noon Hill. The 'Ways' used where the Rossendale Way, the Rochdale Way, the Pennine Bridleway (Mary Townley Loop) and the Long Causeway. In all about 10 miles all round. I had also planned to make my daily exercise walk to the top of Rushy Hill on the way back, but as there were lots of golfers out on the nearby course I decided that I would come back in the evening and do that rather than risk a Golf Ball on the back of the head! :-)

When I think of just how many walks I made up to the Scout Moor Wind Farm during its construction back in 2009, and the number of photos I took and the number of pairs of boots I wore out back then, it's probably just as well that I wasn't able to do the same with this site when it was constructed, my obsessiveness knows no bounds once I get something like that in my head.


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