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After nearly a month without a whiff of steam or diesel, I was getting well and truly 'stir crazy' at being stuck indoors and not able to go out and about to the many bus and rail events that would normally be taking place at this time of the year. We are living in strange times though, who would have imagined we'd all be going through self-isolation and distancing, and many people dying from some awful epidemic even 3 months ago? Living on the edge of open moorland does have its advantages though and I've at least been able to get out for the odd exercise walk, though I have to say that I was somewhat angered at seeing our normally peaceful moorland getting overrun by 'townies' who would normally never dream of visiting the place, and even worse, leaving all their rubbish, fag ends and empty bottles all over the moorland. At this time of the year such things can easily cause fires to start, and with the birds and wildlife breeding this is very bad news, not only for them but also for the poor old fire service who have to waste a lot of resources trying to put them out. On one of my visits there were so many cars parked up in one spot that I was half expecting an ice cream van and hot dog stall to turn up and join them. No doubt once this crisis is over these morons will go back to sitting on their sofas and playing on their smartphones and x-boxes once again. Needless to say I have now switched my walks to the near dusk period when it's a bit quieter, as this is far better for my blood pressure, if not for any photography.

The photos in the gallery were taken on the 1st of April, a day which I chose deliberately as it was the first one that wasn't sunny, and you know I could never resist a drop of rain and murky looking skies. The sooner this lockdown ends the better, I just hope we still have a few heritage railways and bus museums left to visit, no doubt this is hitting them very hard financially at the moment and many are relying on donations from supporters to replace their lost income. Bloody Chinese, I don't know why they can't eat processed rubbish like everyone else! ;-)


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