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This was the second railtour to pass through Accrington in the past month, but this time it was a one way trip from Doncaster to Carnforth organised by the 'Branch Line Society', and called 'The Eric and Ernie' (don't think I need to describe who they are), and it consisted of a train made up of West Coast Railway coaches hauled in top and tail formation by Class 37 '37706' and Class 47 '47832'. It had originally planned to use a Colas Rail Class 56, which would have been very nice, but sadly this was not available on the day, still, I'm not complaining, and any time I see and hear the sweet sound of a 'Growler' approaching it is a good day.

After having come a bit unstuck trying a more arty farty shot when the last railtour passed through, this time I instead went for the more traditional and safe shot from the station platform, though on an east-west line this does of course offer the risk of a burned out western sky during the afternoon period when a train is topped and tailed, and with the constantly changing light - one minute it was cloudy and the next sunny intervals, I just about got away with it this time. The tour arrived about 14 minutes late, and I was lucky not to get 'bowled' by one of the many service trains, which at least provided a few practice shots. Next time I'll go back to trying something unconventional, and I have just the location in mind as well. Of course with the current virus crisis I may have a long wait if the tours get suspended for any length of time. To quote the great Yorkshire prophet Bickerdyke - "Oh Bugger!" :-(


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