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Storm Ciara wreaked havoc on many parts of the country, particularly the poor folks in the areas around the River Calder, thankfully the Rossendale area got off fairly lightly, though there was some slight flooding, but not anything as bad as the Boxing Day 2015 floods, which was literally the 'high water mark for these in recent years. The River Irwell and 'Limey Water', the other river that feeds into it at Rawtenstall, was very swollen and was fairly roaring along, but it was the lower lying places where it flows to like Ramsbottom and Bury which copped the worst of it. New Hall Hey Cricket Ground was looking like an outdoor swimming pool, and I wasn't able to walk any further south than the point where the A56 bypass bridge passes over the River, as the footpath was well under water at that point and I would have needed scuba gear to get any further. Thankfully it did clear up for a few hours during the afternoon and the water level dropped quickly during that period, though it did start to rain again around 4pm. Well I'd been trying to get some shots of the River Irwell in flood for some years now, but they've never occurred on days when I was in the area, or in the case of the Boxing day floods, when the buses were running.

Unusually for me, I actually remembered to make a short film clip of the raging river this time, apologies for the quality, I'm not a video man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aat5R6YCWjg

NOTE# - Storm Dennis which arrived a week later proved not to be anything like as bad in these parts, though the poor folks in Wales and Shropshire were not so lucky and suffered with a lot of flooding, we certainly dodged the bullet. As a comparison I have added some shots of how the river was looking during Storm Dennis, and again on the 19th of February, which was again a bit wet, but the river was almost back down to a more normal level once again, and showing just how much rubble had been washed down there in recent weeks.


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