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Things are usually very quiet at this time of the year and many heritage railways don't even open before Easter, but thankfully the ELR is not one of them and runs all year round, and this year held their first event, a two day Diesel Gala, on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of February 2020. I decided to go along for Day One, well it was mostly just a part of the home fleet that was running and I've already photographed most of them to death, and it's usually quieter on the Friday, which is good news for us retired folk. The weather was most un-winter like though, only about 8C, but fine and sunny for much of the time and quite pleasant for the first week in February. Now I know what you are thinking, aren't I supposed to be a Crap Weather Photographer, and why am I not complaining about this? Well I was threatened with banishment from the Rawtenstall Station area if I do any more of my rain dances during event days, so I decided to let them have a couple of fine days as long as they let me have some really crappy weather on the Sunday, which is just a normal service day. It looks like I'm getting Storm Ciara that day so I don't think that was such a bad swap! :-D

Locos in service during my visit included: Class 42 D832 "Onslaught", Class 14 D9531 "Ernest", Class 24 D5054 "Phil Southern", Class 25 D7629, Class 33 33109 "Captain Bill Smith RNR", Class 45 45108, Class 47 D1501, Class 47 47765 and Class 50 50015 "Valiant". Not a bad line up at all, the ELR Diesel Group certainly have one of the best, if not THE best collection of diesel locos in the country that's for sure!

My thanks to all the staff, drivers and volunteers and all at the ELR Diesel Group for doing their usual excellent job of organising these events.


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