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My first visit of February 2020 took place on Sunday 2nd, a grey and slightly damp day at times, though it did brighten up during the afternoon period. I finally managed to have my first decent walk of the year and headed off down south of Townsend Fold on those muddy paths and took a few of my shots from there. Locos in service, much to my surprise at it wasn't on the roster, was Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871', which I don't think I'd seen on the line since last year's steam gala, as it's usually busy hauling various railtours around the country or carrying tourists along the picturesque West Highland Line these days. Always a great pleasure to see it in action though. L7Y loco '2890' was on the Dining Train, and the diesel diagram was run by '47765'. Another visit on Sunday 9th of February, what an interesting day that was, with 'Storm Ciara' battering the area and with the Gales and heavy rains taking place, the services were a bit disrupted due to some flooding further down the line, and the Dining Train had to be terminated at Ramsbottom. Well I do like crap weather, and it doesn't get much crappier than this! :-)

Sunday 16th of February saw me over at the ELR yet again, but the forecasts of another weather battering, this time from 'Storm Dennis' didn't fully materialise in this area (sadly the folks further south weren't quite so lucky), and it wasn't a bad day other than for the odd shower or hailstorm. Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871' was again standing in for City of Wells, and as I hadn't had a ride since late November I thought a round trip to Heywood and back behind it might be in order. 2890 was again hauling the Dining Train and Class 45 '45108' was working the diesel diagram.

There were some 'Midweek' services running again on the 19th/20th/21st of February as it was a half-term holiday for many schools. I decided to go along on Wednesday 19th, mainly because the forecast was for heavy rain, and of course the midweek Dining Train was running, but unlike in previous years when the Dining coaches were usually added onto the back of the service train and just ran between Bury and Rawtenstall, now it was running in its own path as a separate service. This one was hauled by L&Y 2860, and the main service was hauled by Ian Riley's Black 5 '44871', which again was stranding in for City of Wells.


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