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For the second time in four weeks it was back across the Pennines for a 'farewell' railtour, and this time it was the turn of a pair of DRS Class 20s, which were hauling a railtour run by 'Pathfinder Railtours'. This tour was initially heading from Bristol to York hauled by a pair of Class 57s, before being changed for the two DRS Class 20s (20302 & 20305) there before heading via Harrogate to Leeds, where they would be taking a 2 hour break before departing back to Bristol via Crewe. It will be sad not to see these veteran locos out on the mainline anymore in their DRS blue livery.

The tour arrived on time at around 1250pm, then departed off to the Neville Hill Depot until its planned return at 1503, though it was nearer to 1530 when it finally arrived. As with the HST Farewell in December, Leeds Station was well and truly filled with enthusiasts, and in spite of me still not feeling well yet after being plagued by a nasty chest infection since the start of the year, I'm still glad I made the trip over there, even if all that cold air probably didn't do me very much good. Well I reckon that if I haven't learned any common sense by this stage of my life I'm never going to, so it's no use me even trying!:-)


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