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Thursday 19th of December saw the luxury Northern Belle Dining Train make its annual trip around the area from Preston to Skipton, then Skipton back to Manchester Victoria. On its outward journey it was taking the route through the Calder Valley and I managed to catch it as it passed through Rochdale Station heading east. It was due to pass through at around 1246pm, but arrived a minute early, good job I was at the western end of the platform this time, as it very nearly caught me out last year when I was at the eastern end, which doesn't offer such a good view of it approaching. The luxury coaches, which I again failed to count as I had to quickly switch locations to catch both the front and rear locos on this 'top & tail' configuration, looked quite impressive as usual and I did get a shot of a few of them, but more importantly I managed to get shots of both the locos as I was better prepared for it this year. The loco at the rear was 57601 'Windsor Castle' but I wasn't able to see the number on the front loco as it was on the opposite side, but 57314 had been paired with 601 recently, so possibly that one. No doubt it will appear soon on one of the spotter forums and I will correct if if it is anything different. As I'd said, the train arrived one minute early at Rochdale, but looking on the 'Realtime Trains' site it appeared to suffer a significant delay at Preston and arrived back in Manchester some 73 minutes late. No doubt if it is running again next year I will be back again, perhaps I'll try the middle of the platform next time!:-)


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