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Sunday 15th of December saw me back over at Blackburn again to catch yet another railtour, this time one of the 'Santa Specials' run by the West Coast Railways, and which was running from Lancaster to Carnforth via Blackburn. The tour was hauled by steam loco 46115 'Scots Guardsman' with Class 47 diesel 47746 'Chris Fudge' at the rear. If I counted correctly there were 12 pretty full looking coaches, plus a support coach on the train. It was slightly late arriving at Blackburn by which time the weather had changed and become pretty damp and miserable, but no complaints from me about that of course. The train was due to have been held over there for an hour, but not only did it arrive late but it also departed early as well, so a good job I stayed on the platform to catch a shot of the rear diesel, which was too far out to see when the very long train was stopped in Platform 4. Thankfully I at least managed to get a shot of it on its way past me as it departed. Due to engineering works many of the service trains weren't running that day, which was good news in that it reduced the chances of the tour being 'bowled', but meant I had to get there by the service bus, which went all around Oswaldtwistle and seemed like it took forever to get there. A nice sight and good to see all the passengers enjoying themselves, but I can see that I am going to get some stick from Mr Mollsmyre for photographing yet another 'Peppa Pig' that someone was sticking out of the window - I thought that sort of thing only happened at Diesel events? :-)


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