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The ELR’s annual DMU event, or to give it its current name 'Scenic Railcar Day' (which always sounds to me a bit like calling a Dustbinman a 'Refuse Cleansing Operative') has become a popular event in the calendar now, though after covering an entire weekend last year, it has now reverted to Saturday only event once again. Whilst I am more than happy to see a full weekend of them, there is logic in not having them out on both days, as many casual visitors will likely turn up on the Sunday expecting a steam train ride, and of course the steam hauled Dining Train is usually out as well, so a Saturday event makes far more sense. The weather was ideal for me as well, gloomy and cold, and even a bit of rain later in the afternoon, well at least I was able to shoot 'both ways' as there was no low Autumn Sun to cause me any problems. The units seemed to be well loaded throughout the day, and there were even a few VIPs on the first run of the day, which sported a special headboard celebrating 50 years of 'Transport for Greater Manchester' and its earlier incarnations.

The DMUs in service that day included: Class 104 2 car (Birmingham RCW), Class 105 2 car (Cravens), Class 110 3 car (Birmingham RCW - Calder Valley unit) and Class 122 1 car (Gloucester RCW “Bubbles”).

I did walk all the way down to Stubbins and back and used many of my old favourite locations which were regular haunts for many years before a back injury restricted my walking abilities, I really must do this more often. The downside was that even though it was only about 5 miles, the paths were deep in mud and it felt like twice that far and was certainly tiring on the legs. After the abnormally dry year we had last year things are just the opposite this year, and after almost a whole month of rain in October things now look very different.

My thanks to the ELR Diesel Group and all the staff and volunteers involved in this unique event, which I always enjoy, you efforts are greatly appreciated.


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