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Sunday 20th of October 2019 marked the 175th anniversary of Manchester Victoria Station, and was commemorated with a number of displays provided by various heritage groups from throughout the area, and a couple of old Manchester buses and a Heaton Park vintage tram on a low loader near the side of the station. I recall attending the 150th event back in 1994 (was that really 25 years ago?), and at that time the station looked very different with that tatty old roof and was a lot darker than the modern light and airy one that now covers the station. My memory of that previous event was that there was a steam loco parked in Platform 2 (a Black 5 I think), and the former Signalling School on the top floor had an Open Day, which gave us a chance to see the large model of the area that was used to train the Signalmen and women. I believe that this is now in the National Railway Museum at York, and I must check that out on my next long overdue visit there.

How things have changed, Metrolink was still in its infancy back then, and half the old station had recently been demolished to make way for the MEN (then Nynex) Arena. There certainly seems to be a greater number of passengers using the place now, and with electrification taking place and the new Ordsall Chord allowing more services to connect from the other Manchester Stations it's future looks a lot rosier than it did back in those dark days of the 1980s. Now if they could just get rid of that shower of shinola known as Northern Rail and its rickety overcrowded pacers and appalling service it would actually start to look like a station fit for the 21st century! (he says bitterly after being made to change platforms 3 times in 5 minutes the day before thanks to their usual disorganisation) :-)

Will I still be around for the 200th event? I hope so, though I will be getting a bit long in the tooth by then, but if I'm still here and capable I will certainly make the effort!:-) Happy Birthday Man Vic and thanks to all the various groups for attending, it was just a pity that there wasn't better publicity notifying passengers that there were things taking place up on the landing, personally I would have had a couple of those costumed soldiers standing at the bottom of the stairs with rifles and bayonets fixed directing people up there, and giving the odd jab to any passing phonetards who were too busy looking down at their smartphones to notice (they don't like it up 'em!):-D


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