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One bus event I’ve really missed in the past few years is the ‘Nocturnal Heart of the Pennines’ bus rally that used to take place at the Piece Hall in Halifax on the last Sunday in October every year, but this was put on hold when work started on a multi-million pound makeover of the place back in 2014. Sadly, since it reopened again in 2017 the snooty trust that run it don’t seem to want any old buses showing up their new gentrified (or should that read glorified) shopping centre, so it looks like this once very popular event, which often attracted as many as 5,000 visitors, has now gone forever.

That was usually the only reason I ever visited the town and hadn’t been back there since the last event back in 2013, so I was interested when I saw that the new group called the ‘Great Yorkshire Preservation Group’ was planning to hold a Bus Running Day in the town on Sunday 22nd of September, and this would be based around the bus station and Market Street areas, and feature runs out to various locations around the town using various buses. This new group ran the enjoyable ‘280’ event from Skipton to Clitheroe earlier this year, and I was surprised to discover that the organisers are mostly young fellows, and I think that it’s great to see that, as usually these things are done by people with one foot in the grave (like me). Well done lads, and long may you continue, I’ll be happy to attend and support these events whenever I can.

The weather couldn’t have been more different that that seen on the previous day, and gone was the sunshine and blue skies, and in its place was grey, murky and slightly damp weather. I only managed a couple of runs as I was far too busy wandering around taking photographs (as per usual), but the hour long run out to Dean Head was enjoyable, although with the cloud so low the spectacular view that would normally have been had was slightly muted by the poor conditions. All in all a very enjoyable day and hopefully it will become a regular fixture and grow in the future, and a big thank you to all the organisers, volunteers and bus owners that came along and made it a success.

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