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My first visit to the ELR in September 2019 was a short one on Friday 6th of September, mainly just to get a few shots of the Midweek Dining Train arriving and have a bit more practise with my new camera, which I am still learning to drive. According to my list there weren't due to be any Steam Driving Experience runs on this day, but clearly I should have checked before leaving the house because there was one running in the spare path, and though I missed it arriving I did manage to get a few shots before it departed. The Dining Train was hauled by '2890', but with 8 coaches on it also had support from D5054, so the train was topped and tailed and that meant no run-around shots this time. It also had a coach full of evacuees as well, so it was well loaded, and needed the extra motive power. It was an enjoyable if short visit, but if I'd done my homework better I could easily have had a full day there, but with a newly bought bag full of frozen goodies that was not an option this time, and I had to be satisfied with a few shots of just these two runs before leaving. I'll be sure to double check the next time! :-)

My second visit was on Sunday 8th of September, though this time I was riding down to Bury for the Classic Car Event which was taking place at the Bury Transport Museum. After that I caught the train up to Ramsbottom to get a few shots of the annual World Black Pudding Throwing Championships which were taking place that day (these are in the 'Visits to Ramsbottom' gallery), before finally returning back to Rawtenstall for a few final shots of the service trains arriving and departing.


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